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When our seasoned editors take their pens to your manuscript for structural editing, your storyseamlessly weaves into a flow that leaves an enduring impact.


From Chaos to Cohesion with Structural Editing

Every book, whether fiction or non-fiction, requires a captivating flow to engage readers. Acomprehensive and readable flow is significant to keep readers engaged whether throughentertainment or information delivery. A cohesive structure is significant for the right flow, whichamplifies the significance of structural editing. Structural editing is meticulously examining themanuscript's framework and evaluating its organization and coherence. Our skilled editors at LynxPublishers consider your book's purpose and target audience and set the tone and flow to make themaximum impact of the content.

When Do You Need Structural Editing?

  • Stories designed to jump back and forth in different time settings, such as flashbacks, need structural editing to ensure the correct and logical flow.
  • Books with dual or multiple POVs (point of view) also require structural editing to avoid any mixup and confusion in the narrative.
  • If your manuscript worries you about flow, clarity, or structure, you may hire professionaleditors for structural editing.

Why Lynx to hire editors

Lynx believes that editing is not just about playing with the words. It is about writing scripts that touchthe heartstrings and leave the last longing impact you require.

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Frequently asked questions

Structural editing is a comprehensive process of refining the overall structure, coherence, and effectiveness of a written work. This form of editing focuses mainly on the pacing and organization. Rather than solely addressing surface-level issues like grammar and punctuation, structural editing delves deep into the fundamental components of the text, ensuring that the narrative flows smoothly, engages the audience, and achieves its intended purpose. In essence, structural editing aims to elevate the manuscript to its highest potential, shaping it into a polished and compelling piece of literature.

Developmental editing refines your overall plot, characters, structure, and content. On the other hand, structural editing only focuses on the flow and structure of the manuscript.

Structural editing considers the book in a cohesive entirety while copyediting focuses on individual paragraphs and sentences, addressing spelling and grammar errors. This means that while individual paragraphs may undergo restructuring for improved readability during copyediting, a copyedit does not address the structure and the flow of the entire manuscript.

Several indicators suggest that your manuscript requires structural editing. If you notice inconsistencies in plot development, pacing issues, or character arcs, or if you feel that the overall flow of your narrative is disjointed or lacks coherence, it is best to hire professional editors for structural editing. Additionally, feedback from beta readers or peers can point out structural weaknesses. Ultimately, if you want to enhance the overall readability, engagement, and effectiveness of your manuscript, investing in structural editing is a wise decision.

The cost of structural editing can vary depending on several factors, including the length of the manuscript and the complexity of the content. Typically, structural editing rates are calculated either per word, per page, or as a flat fee for the entire manuscript. To determine the exact cost of structural editing for your manuscript, it's recommended to request quotes from multiple editors or editing services and inquire about their pricing structures and any additional fees that may apply.

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