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Our manuscript evaluation services aim to provide expert constructive feedback, helping budding authors pave the way for a successful literary journey.


Refine your Narrative with a Manuscript Evaluation and Book Coaching Services

Manuscript review services offer authors critical criticism on the narrative, character development, overall flow, and plot quality. According to the EFA (Editorial Freelancers Association) poll, manuscripts reviewed by specialists are 30% more likely to be approved for publication.

Book coaches at Lynx Publishers understand the importance of content review and provide tailored, constructive feedback geared to your specific voice and goals. Our coaches have immense dedication to excellence, paired with industry expertise, to elevate your work to its maximum potential and put you on the path to literary success.

  • Comprehensive Read-Through
  • 02
    Plot and Structure Analysis
  • Writing Style and Voice
  • 04
    Theme and Motif Exploration
  • Identification of Content Gaps
  • 06
    Reader-Centric Feedback

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Frequently asked questions

A manuscript review is a professional appraisal of your written work that includes feedback on storyline, character development, pacing, and general quality. It is critical because it allows authors to improve their manuscripts to fit industry standards, improving the likelihood of publication. We offer evaluations for all forms of content. Our editors specialize in every area and niche. Lynx Publishers can provide extensive input on your academic articles, thesis, and dissertation, as well as ensure that your fiction novel is appropriate for your target audience.

The cost of editing services varies for each project, based on your manuscript's length and the level of editing required. For example, line editing costs less than developmental editing. LA Publishers provides tailored packages to meet your project's needs and budget.

Evaluators often provide criticism and suggestions for enhancement without changing your content. The authors maintain creative freedom and can choose whether or not to execute the suggestions.

Manuscript review services enable self-published authors to improve the quality of their work, making it more enticing to readers. This can result in better reviews, higher sales, and more success in the cutthroat self-publishing business.

You can hire a book coach for your manuscript evaluation in the following instances:
• You've previously written some or all of your work and want the help of an experienced editor.
• You need advice on how to modify and self-edit your draft so that it is more appealing to your intended audience and/or agents and editors.
• You've had people read your work (perhaps even other editors), and you're receiving unexpected or contradicting opinions.
• You're concerned about your book's arrangement, flow, pacing, or ability to hold the reader's interest.
• This is your first book.
• You want help making your manuscript publishable and marketable, but you don't have the time, money, or need for full-fledged developmental editing.

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