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Hire professional formatters to transform your manuscript into a professional book. From novel formatting to eBook typesetting, Lynx provides comprehensive formatting services to authors from all walks of life.


Formatting Matters-Enhance your readers’ experience

Professionally prepared and typeset books improve the reading experience and increase the book's trustworthiness. Independent Book Publishers Association reports that professional formatting and typesetting result in 38% more positive reviews and ratings. Furthermore, 67% of readers claim to abandon a book due to formatting concerns. Understanding the significance of formatting, Lynx Publishers dedicates a team of skilled professionals to providing top-notch formatting solutions according to your specific niche and genre. We value precision, ensuring your information is perfectly formatted to industry standards. We are committed to enhancing not only the appearance of your publications but also their entire impact.

When Do You Need Formatting & Typesetting ?

  • Improves readability by enhancing readers' experience through easy navigation and comprehension.
  • Improves aesthetics to make your book look more professional and visually pleasing.
  • Ensure professionalism to attract readers, publishers, and reviewers.
  • Maintains a seamless and unified reading experience throughout the text.
  • Enhance the possibility of meeting the technical criteria of various publishing platforms.
  • Creates a distinct style and recognition for all of your books.

Why Lynx to hire formatting professionals

Lynx believes that formatting is not just about setting margins and alignments. It is about lifting your book’s professionalism and aesthetics to meet worldwide industry standards.

Quick turnaround time
Convenient and customizable ghostwriting process
Close collaboration for feedback and approvals
Expertise in multifaceted formatting and typesetting
Formatting services for all niches and genres
A diverse team of industry expert editors


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Frequently asked questions

Of course, it is. If you have a particular typeface in mind, please let us know. However, we recommend you avoid utilizing unorthodox typefaces such as Brush Script, Comic Sans, or any other decorative typeface. We know the typefaces that work for print and which do not, as well as which will burn out or bleed. Finally, we always do what is best for our clients. That being said, if you have a specific typeface preference, whether for chapter headings, body text, or ornaments, please let us know so we can style accordingly.

Amazon uses MOBI files for eBooks, but nearly everyone else uses EPUBS files, including iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

Formatting and typesetting are the processes of designing and arranging text, graphics, and other elements in a document to make it visually appealing, readable, and suitable for popular platforms. You need it to improve the overall quality and visual impact of your material, making it more accessible and engaging to your target audience.

Yes, we offer formatting and typesetting services in a variety of languages and unique characters.

Yes, our services are adaptable to both print and digital formats, such as e-books and online publishing. We customize the formatting to match the unique needs of each medium.

We provide extensive and diverse formatting services. We offer anything from eBook formatting to resume and CV formatting services. We also have an academic team that can help with various types of scholarly publications and styles, including Harvard, MLA, and APA formatting. We also offer dissertation and thesis formatting services to students of all levels.

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