Design and illustrations that bespoke creativity and innovation

Designers at Lynx Publishers craft designs, book covers, and illustrations that embody top-notch creativity and innovation, tailored to your unique vision and aesthetical taste.


Breath life into your narrative with professional design services

Our design illustration and book cover services at Lynx Publishers offer a fusion of artistic expertise and strategic visual storytelling. Whether you're an author seeking a captivating book cover or a business looking to communicate your brand visually, our team is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life with creativity and precision. Trust Lynx Publishers for visually striking and thoughtfully crafted designs that enhance the overall appeal of your project.

Our Customizable Package includes:

Book Covers

Book Covers Services to craft visually stunning cover designs that captivate readers, reflecting the essence of your story and sparking intrigue from the first glance.


Illustrations Services brings your ideas to life with vibrant illustrations that convey emotion, enhance storytelling, and add a visual dimension to your project.

Design Services

Design Services creates visually compelling designs that align with your brand or project, emphasizing aesthetic appeal and delivering a memorable visual impact.

Logos services

Logos services develop unique and impactful designs that showcase your brand identity, elevating recognition and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Comic Illustrations

Comic Illustrations immerse readers in engaging narratives with dynamic and expressive comic illustrations, adding a visual dimension to storytelling with flair.

Children's Book

Children's Book Art crafts enchanting and age-appropriate illustrations for children's books, sparking imagination and creating a visually engaging experience for young readers.


Enjoy Every Service You Need to Self Publish Your Next Book Under One Roof


The Path We Pave for You to Reach Your Destiny

At Lynx Publishers, we take great pride in our carefully designed and meticulously executed publishing process. Here is a glimpse into our refined workflow.

You Sign in and Share your Vision

You begin your journey with us by signing in and sharing your vision. We select the most suitable team according to the genre or niche of your project. A designer is set to transform your vision into the image that tells its tale.

We assign a Project Manager

Once you sign up, we assign a dedicated project manager who handles the unique needs of your project, providing you with support and invaluable feedback. Your project manager works with the designer to prepare a project scope with the timeline.

Our writer works on your vision

Our designer starts working on your project after getting approval on the proposed scope. We complete each chapter and collaborate with you until every element of the designs aligns with your vision. After completion and approval, our designers convert them into different formats.

We Add Aesthetical Perfection

At this stage, our formatters and designers begin their journey to make your project as presentable as possible. Our formatters format and typeset integrate the graphics in your work while our designers craft eye-catching covers and images to enhance your story.

We Publish Your Book Worldwide

With your manuscript perfected and the covers designed, we move into the publishing process. Our expert publishers transform your manuscript into a beautifully bound book ready to be placed on virtual bookshelves and beyond.

We Promote Your Book and Brand

Once your book is published, our marketing team takes over, ensuring that you, as an author with your work, reach readers across the globe. Our promotion team creates tailored marketing strategies to generate buzz and attract readers.

Frequently asked questions

We offer book cover designs for e-books, hardcovers, paperbacks, and dust jackets in our customizable packages, delivering a ready-to-publish set. Our designs include front and back covers, along with the spine.

Our commitment is to bring your vision to life, so we offer multiple revisions according to your chosen package until you're fully satisfied and approve the final design outcome.

All design files are delivered in webp, JPEG, and PDF formats, suitable for both print and digital publishing. Additionally, we can provide source PSD or AI files upon request.

Costs depend on the complexity of the artwork. We offer tailored packages to accommodate various budgets and project requirements, ensuring flexibility for our clients.

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