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Children's book publishing is a growing industry. Association of American Publishers reports that children's and young adult book sales in the United States were $3.48 billion in 2020, and the figure is rising. It depicts how this delightful creative treasure is gaining appeal in the United States. Aside from their financial potential, children's books are a means to contribute to the community by instilling reading habits in the next generation. Lynx Publishers helps you become a children's book author while reaping all of the social and financial rewards. We are dedicated to promoting inclusivity and diversity in children's literature, ensuring that your narratives appeal to a wide spectrum of young readers. Our services cover everything you need to take your concept to new heights.

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Frequently asked questions

A children's book should be between 28 and 32 pages long, including pictures. Younger readers like 300-800 words in their books, whereas school-aged youngsters can often take roughly 1200 words. A children's picture book should be limited to 2,000 words.

Other than the front matter, which includes the title page and copyright page, children's book themes typically include spreads. Children's books should have at least 14 spreads. Spreads are two-page sets that contain either pictures, text, or both. The number of words in those 14 spreads varies depending on the age of the target readers.

Assessing the readiness of your manuscript involves several steps. Firstly, ensure that your story is engaging and age-appropriate for your target audience. Consider seeking feedback from beta readers or joining a writers' group for constructive critique. Additionally, evaluate if your manuscript adheres to industry standards in terms of formatting, language, and structure. It's also essential to research and understand the current trends and preferences in children's literature to ensure your book stands out in the market.

Finding the right publisher for your children's book requires thorough research and preparation. Start by identifying publishers that specialize in children's literature and align with your book's genre and themes. Review their submission guidelines carefully and ensure your manuscript meets their requirements. Consider attending writing conferences or workshops where you can network with industry professionals and learn more about different publishing houses. It's also helpful to seek recommendations from fellow authors or literary agents who may have insights into reputable publishers in the children's book market.

While it's not mandatory, illustrations are a crucial aspect of children's books as they enhance storytelling and engage young readers. If you're not an illustrator yourself, you'll likely need to collaborate with one. Start by researching illustrators whose style complements your story and resonates with your target audience. You can find illustrators through online platforms, social media, or by attending illustration events and exhibitions. When approaching illustrators, be clear about your budget, timeline, and vision for the illustrations. Consider creating a contract outlining the terms of the collaboration to ensure clarity and professionalism throughout the process.

Here are the primary categories of children’s books:
Categories Age Group Word Count Number of Pages
Board Book 0-4 yrs. Less than 100 16-24
Picture Book 4-6 yrs. 200-500 24-32
Non-fiction Picture Books 5+ yrs. 10000-30000 32-64
Early Readers 4-6 yrs. 300-1200 32-48
Chapter Books 6 -10 yrs. 1500 -10000 48 -80
Young Middle -Grade Books 6 -10 yrs. 15000 -25000 100+
Middle -Grade Books 10 -12 yrs. 25000 -50000 180+
Young Adult Books 12+ 50000 -90000 240+

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