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Lynx Publishers is a hub for designers and developers skilled in author website design and development. Solidify your online presence with our premium author website design services, creating a digital home to grow your email list, boost book sales, and connect with your readership.


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An author's website is essential for building a solid online presence. According to studies, writers who manage active websites can increase book sales by up to 30%. Furthermore, more than 80% of authors reported better reader engagement and feedback. As a result, whether you're a published author—or want to become one—it's critical that you have an aesthetically beautiful, user-friendly, and search engine-optimized author website to sell yourself and your books.

At Lynx, we offer a professionally designed author website that is visually appealing and simple to navigate, allowing you to engage with readers on your own terms, manage how and what information you give, promote your books, keep people updated with a blog, and much more.

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Why Lynx to hire Author Website

Lynx believes that developmental editing is not just about playing with the words. It is about writing scripts that touch the heartstrings and leave the last longing impact you require.

Attractive and user-friendly themes across site hosts
Range of site hosts (WordPress, Mailerlite, and Wix)
Unique blog post page infrastructure and management
Integration of various media, e-commerce, plug-ins, and beyond
Provide constant support, updates, and maintenance

Frequently asked questions

Your author website should include an author bio, bookshelf content, a mailing list sign-up, a blog section, contact information, and a media page.

Yes, we offer comprehensive services related to the author's website. Our website maintenance services include regular updates, content management, security monitoring, and performance optimization.

The cost of an author's website design varies depending on your individual needs and requirements. The price is influenced by factors such as design, page count, and features. At Lynx Publishers, we provide numerous price options to fit a variety of budgets. We offer author-book website templates as cost-effective options for aspiring writers.

We're happy to compose your content for you, create particular pages for you, or revise any content you create yourself to ensure it's clear, captivating, and accurate.

Yes, our coaches and consultants will be pleased to show you the "back end" of your website and explain how to add and change material and pages. However, if you don't want to manage the technology yourself, you can hire a designer to assist you with any future upgrades, tweaks, or technically advanced tasks!

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