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Preserving cherished recipes and local cuisine is a gratifying, historic American tradition. Lynx Publishers is a cookbook publishing company that helps people make mementos and raise money. We've been publishing for over a decade, producing stunning recipe books that are second to none! Our COMPLETE ONLINE PROCESS includes all of the most renowned cookbook publishing elements, making it easy to create your cookbook! Simply Cookbooks™ is widely regarded as the most user-friendly cookbook publishing platform. You may quickly and easily create your own cookbook online by following a few simple steps. No other cookbook publishing firm can compete with our quickness, quality, and costs, which allow you to make a large profit. We give easy processes, fast services, and beautiful results

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Frequently asked questions

Not at all! We offer cookbook publishing services to everyone, including culinary aficionados, home cooks, and food bloggers, as well as professional chefs and experienced culinary artists. Our expert staff collaborates directly with you to ensure that your cookbook fulfills industry standards and brings your distinct culinary vision to life.

We supply you with the final book in numerous forms, including typeset, right page size, margins, and print-ready artwork. You can have them printed and delivered simply by selecting the option on the publishing site.

Publishing cookbooks is a distinct specialization in the publishing industry. You can either sell your culinary knowledge to traditional cookbook publishing businesses or self-publish your recipe book on reputable platforms as an indie cookbook publisher, which is a less expensive choice. Cookbook printing costs differ from other books because it is a pictorial book with a systemic organization of content. It often requires you to invest in graphic services to improve the appeal of your recipe and entire book.
However, this investment yields a significant return because consumers prefer to read cookbooks that include bright images of the prepared food. You can browse Amazon to view several published cookbooks that have bright photographs of prepared recipes, along with the other components of a recipe book.

Our cookbooks measure 5.5″ W x 8.5″ H, making them ideal for kitchen usage and bookshelf storage. The 3-ring binders and hardback covers are slightly bigger, but the text pages remain 5.5"W x 8.5"H.

Cookbooks are a nonfiction genre that includes several sub-genres. Cookbook sub-genres are mostly defined by their intended audience. For example, if your dishes come from Asian culture, your cookbook's sub-genre will be Asian or oriental cuisines, yet if they are convenient comfort food, the book will become a young adult cookbook.

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