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Professional editorial reviews provide numerous benefits to authors and businesses alike. According to the EFA (Editorial Freelancers Association) survey, editorial review may significantly improve material quality for 90% of creators. Another study by BookNet Canada discovered that books with professionally reviewed text earned 61% more positive ratings on average.

When it comes to elite professional editorial reviews, our expert board of book coaches is committed to delivering a new viewpoint and critical insights to assist new and veteran writers in polishing their message and improving clarity. Our editorial book reviews not only produce higher-quality material but also increase credibility.

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    Reader-Centric Perspective

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Frequently asked questions

An editorial review involves a comprehensive assessment of a piece of written material by a professional editor or reviewer. Unlike general feedback, such as peer critiques or reader comments, editorial reviews are conducted by experienced professionals who provide detailed insights into various aspects of the work, including style, structure, grammar, and overall effectiveness. These reviews aim to offer constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement to enhance the quality and impact of the content.

A professional book coach and editor evaluates your writing, provides criticism, and recommends adjustments to improve its overall quality. Some services may involve several rounds of review.
We keep our clients' work, concepts, and correspondence completely secret. However, you can find samples of editorial reviews online to understand the services.

Manuscript evaluation is largely concerned with examining the overall concept, organization, and storytelling elements of a work of literature, such as a book. Editorial book reviews, on the other hand, focus more on specific aspects such as language, sentence structure, and clarity. Both services are valuable, but they serve distinct functions in the writing process.

Yes, our services are adaptive to both print and digital forms, such as e-books and online publishing. We customize the formatting to match the unique needs of each medium.

To simply add editorial reviews to your Amazon, follow the instructions below:
Log into your Author Central account. Create one if you don't already have one.
To get to your book page, tap the Books tab at the top of the menu.
Choose the book title you want to review.
Select Editorial Reviews and click "Add" review.
Write your review and then click "preview" to see how it looks.
Click "Save" to submit your editorial review.

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