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Content is an essential tool for new and veteran authors to gain recognition and credibility. However, if not done right, your content can be lost in an overcrowded World Wide Web. Therefore, you need content marketing strategies and high-quality content to optimize the results. When you produce highquality material, not only in your book but in your marketing as well, potential readers discover you and acknowledge your credibility. As a result, you raise your brand awareness as a serious author and sell more books.

At Lynx Publishers, our content marketing strategies are intended to fulfill two primary goals. First, it draws your intended audience. Second, it helps you engage with your readers and retain their followership. We are dedicated to assisting aspiring and established writers in increasing website traffic and book sales through effective content marketing strategies. We don't just provide content; we create and integrate fascinating plans with skillfully chosen resources that help authors connect with their audience.

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Frequently asked questions

You must develop a specialized content marketing plan to properly engage your target readers. Begin by researching online what kind of websites, social media platforms, and genre-related forums your target audience visits. Once you've identified these areas, tailor your content to attract and communicate with them!

Every indie author should opt for content marketing for their author work. It is one of the most effective strategies to capture the attention of more readers, allowing you to sell more books and build a large following.

Having an authentic brand voice simply means that you are consistently true to your writing style as an independent author. For example, if your books are incredibly serious, yet your content marketing is amusing, you deliver contradictory messages. However, if you use the same tactic and tone in your digital marketing as you do in your books, your target audience will know you're genuine. Each potential reader who discovers your books will consider purchasing them because they value your voice. All you need to do is be yourself! As an author, you draw readers in with your touch, tone, and cadence. When you keep true to that voice, your readers will know they can relate to you.

Authors can assess content marketing success using key performance indicators such as web traffic, metrics of engagement (likes, shares, and comments), click-through rates, book sales, and audience feedback.

Book marketing benefits from a variety of content marketing services, such as blog posts, articles, social media material, Press releases, blurbs, email newsletters, videos, and podcasts

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