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Lynx Publishers goes beyond publishing, helping veteran and aspiring authors expand their reach worldwide. Our comprehensive book marketing plan encompasses all channels for an efficient shout-out for your book and author brand.


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Approx 300 million printed books are sold on Amazon each year, with eBooks captivating around 67% of the market share of total book sales. Hire our book marketers to get your chunk in the lucrative industry of self-published books. Boost your sales and enjoy the fruits of your efforts by hiring professional book marketers at Lynx Publishers for maximum ROI. Moreover, we understand you value your ideas and message and want the world to hear your voice. Our expert book marketers use multiple channels, including social media marketing for book publishers and affordable SEO services in the USA, to expand your reach to global readers.

Our Customizable Package includes:

SEO services

SEO services to help you climb up the ranks on search engines. Our SEO campaigns include optimized content creation, link building, and other modern methods to keep you visible to your target audience.


Social media marketing for book publishers leverages every channel where your readers might catch up with what you have to offer. Our SMM campaigns are designed immaculately to derive the best results.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing strategies provide valuable information about your author's brand and books to potential readers, engaging them to read every creation you launch in the market.

Author websites

Author websites are the best way to establish your digital footprint. Beautify the face of your author brand with the best author website design, development, and optimization at Lynx Publishers.

Video trailers

Video trailers are the escalating trend in online marketing. Our animators and video editors grab the new norm, keeping your brand on top with book trailers, YouTube videos, book blurbs & much more.


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The Path We Pave for You to Reach Your Destiny

At Lynx Publishers, we take great pride in our carefully designed and meticulously executed publishing process. Here is a glimpse into our refined workflow.

You Sign in and Share your Vision

You begin your journey with us by signing in and sharing your vision. We select the most suitable team according to the genre or niche of your project. The best marketers are chosen to transform your vision into the next gem in the market.

We assign a Project Manager

Once you sign up, we assign a dedicated project manager who handles the unique needs of your project, providing you with support and invaluable feedback. Your project manager works with the experts to prepare a project scope with a timeline.

Our Experts works on your vision

Our experts start working on your project after getting approval on the proposed scope. We identify the demographic of your ideal readers and design campaigns according to their preferences and behaviors. We also collaborate until every campaign aligns with your vision.

Create a Strong Online Presence

A professional and compelling author website and social media profiles are crucial for a prominent digital presence. We utilize these platforms to connect with readers, other authors, and book communities by regularly updating the content.

We implement a multi-channel marketing strategy

We utilize a variety of marketing channels, including online platforms such as Amazon, Goodreads, and more. We also reach out to book bloggers, influencers, and professional reviewers to secure positive market positioning. Our diversified marketing efforts increase your book's visibility.

We regularly audit and report the progress

We at Lynx Publishers don't stop at the implementation. Our marketing support continues to keep our clients updated with the progress. We conduct regular audits to adjust our strategies according to the market trend and results to take your book beyond oceans.

Frequently asked questions

Book marketing significantly impacts the visibility and success of authors’ work. A well-executed book marketing plan strategy ensures the book reaches its target audience, generating interest and loyal readership. Authors can achieve this through strategic promotion, active social media engagement, and targeted marketing efforts.

We conduct regular analysis of search engine rankings and generate audit reports to monitor the progress of book marketing campaigns. Our marketing team ensures that these audit reports are shared with authors regularly throughout the campaign.

Paid and organic are the two primary approaches to book marketing. Organic marketing focuses on improving a book's search engine ranking through affordable SEO services and social media leverage. However, we do not directly pay the search engines in an organic approach. In contrast, paid marketing involves financial investments in platforms like social media sites. Notably, paid marketing often gives quicker results compared to the more gradual progress of organic marketing.

Social media plays a significant role in the modern book marketing plan. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are valuable tools for authors to connect with their readers. Authors can build a dedicated community by sharing book updates and participating in engaging discussions. Effective hashtags, engaging content, and engaging interaction with followers contribute to the success of social media in promoting books.

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