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Lynx Publishers is a book coaching pioneer in the US publishing industry. From the initial development of your idea to the publishing and promoting your professional book, our expert coaches support veteran and aspiring authors with personalized book consulting services.


Master publishing process with professional book consulting services

With the increasing trend of self-publishing, many writers with unique ideas are coming up to self-publish their books on platforms like Amazon KDP, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and more. However, handling the technical intricacies of publishing is not a cup of tea. So, our book consultancy services aim to empower all types of authors to write and publish their books easily and efficiently. Whether you are working on your first book or seeking to promote your published work, our book coaches provide personalized guidance through manuscript evaluation, editorial reviews, and publishing consultancy to help you realize your dream of becoming a published author in 2024.

Our Customizable Package includes:

Concept development

Concept development consultancy helps you refine your raw concept and shape it into a professional and captivating narrative, ensuring your story engages the readers from the very first page.

Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript Evaluation services evaluate your first draft and provide expert insights, highlighting your strengths and areas of improvement to help you polish your literary work into a professional book.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews from expert book coaches analyze every aspect of your manuscript and offer comprehensive feedback to make your work resonate with your readers.

Book publishing

Book publishing consultancy guides you through the complex process of publishing your book. We guide you from designing to submissions of your book, making your literary journey a breeze.

Book promotion

Book promotion consultancy helps you engage effective strategies to promote your work. Our consultancy empowers you and your work to reach its intended audience with impact.


Enjoy Every Service You Need to Self Publish Your Next Book Under One Roof


The Path We Pave for You to Reach Your Destiny

At Lynx Publishers, we take great pride in our carefully designed and meticulously executed publishing process. Here is a glimpse into our refined workflow.

You Submit Your Manuscript

You begin your journey with us by signing in and submitting your manuscript. We gratefully accept the literary treasures you share with us, and our team reviews each submission with a keen eye to offer the editing service you require.

We assign a Project Manager

Once we have your manuscript, we assess it to assign a dedicated project manager who handles the unique needs of your project, providing you the support and invaluable feedback to help refine your core message and direction.

Our Editors Ensures Excellence

Editorial refinement is a cornerstone of a thriving literary piece. Our editors meticulously work on your manuscript, ensuring that your draft is free of grammar, style, and content flaws, eventually perfect for publishing.

We Add Aesthetical Perfection

At this stage, our formatters and designers begin their journey to make your book as presentable as possible. Our formatters format and typeset your draft while our designers craft eye-catching covers and images to enhance your story.

We Publish Your Book Worldwide

With your manuscript perfected and the covers designed, we move into the publishing process. Our expert publishers transform your manuscript into a beautifully bound book ready to be placed on virtual bookshelves and beyond.

We regularly audit and report the progress

Once your book is published, our marketing team takes over, ensuring that you, as an author with your work, reach readers across the globe. Our promotion team creates tailored marketing strategies to generate buzz and attract readers.

Frequently asked questions

Book coaching is a personalized mentoring service for writers who want to develop, refine, and enhance their manuscripts. Our book coaches provide expert guidance, offering feedback on plot, character development, writing style, and more. They help writers overcome challenges, set goals, and create a strategic process for completing, publishing, and promoting their books.

Book coaches certainly help authors in writing. However, our book consultancy services go beyond just supporting in writing. They offer comprehensive support in designing the layout, navigating the publishing landscape, and ensuring authors receive assistance in every aspect of the writing, publishing, and promotional process.

Book coaches play a crucial role for those who want to become indie authors by self publishing their books. They provide guidance on formatting, cover design, and effective marketing strategies. They help authors make informed decisions, ensuring their self-published works gain the attention they deserve.

The cost of book consultancy services varies based on the number of sessions and the extent of assistance needed. We offer tailored packages to accommodate different budgets and specific coaching requirements of authors.

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